10 Powerful Strategies To Differentiate Your Brand

10 Powerful Strategies To Differentiate Your Brand

The market is so saturated


It’s so hard to stand out online these days without dropping my prices


What’s the point of differentiating? Someone would copy us the next moment


Do any of the above sound familiar to you?


Or perhaps you do understand the importance and the power of differentiating your brand but don’t know how to determine what truly makes you stand out online. Either way, I got you covered!


In today’s post, I will be sharing 10 powerful strategies you can consider to incorporate into your brand to help your online business stand out from the competition and a business that attracts your ideal clients.


Strategy 1 | Narrow Down Your Niche

Have you ever heard of this saying – when you try to please everyone, you end up attracting no one?


Think about it, what do you want to be known for and what do you specialize in? Which group of people that you really want to make a positive impact on their lives after working with you?


Here’s the thing when you build your own community, you not only position yourself as the go-to expert within your industry but also you’ll develop a loyal following with your tight-knit community.


This is one of the strategies that will help differentiate your brand.


An example is for instance if you are a photographer and you realize that in your city most of your competitors are doing everything and anything. When you look at competitor X, this photographer is offering wedding shoot packages, headshots.


But maybe for you, you have realized you are passionate about shooting photos for creative entrepreneurs. So why not take this opportunity to narrow down your niche so that you can not only be known as a photographer but also within the creative community, and you will create a stronger position within your brand to really differentiate your brand online.


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Strategy 2 | Share Your Brand Story Fearlessly

I always ask this question to my clients, out of the infinite ways you can make money online, what made YOU took this big risk and started this particular business?


What seems like a really simple question, it’s powerful to really dive deep within yourself. What is it that you want to be known for and make a positive impact on this world?


Behind every brand there is always a unique story, what is yours? And don’t be afraid to share them online, your audience craves for that and to know why you decided to start. Ultimately at the end of the day, people don’t buy services/products – they buy your why.


Strategy 3 | Share Your Brand Values Through Actions

Talking is cheap, it truly is.


If you were to say being transparent is one of your core values, don’t just say it – prove it with actions and do it consistently.


One of the tips I always share with my private clients is that it doesn’t matter what your competitors’ core values are or what are the most trendy core values (e.g. ethical, authentic, transparent) – it has to come from within you. It needs to come from you and/or your team as ambassadors of your brand.


When you know that this specific core value is something that you truly believe in, show it consistently with actions, you will naturally stay consistent.


Look into your current brand values and evaluate what are some of the core values you truly believe in and ask yourself, are you showing it through actions consistently? And what can you do to improve?


If you’re just starting out, I’d recommend you to do some internal brainstorm and make sure whatever core values you choose, justify it with actions moving forward.



Strategy 4 | Create An Extraordinary Experience

Yes, the industry you are in may be crowded and saturated but I firmly believe that every entrepreneur has the opportunity to stand out online and attract their ideal clients.


There is no avoidance when it comes to your competitors offering similar services or products but one foolproof way you can stand online is to create an extraordinary experience to everyone you interact with – not just your potential clients.


Even if someone was to direct message you, they might not necessarily fall into your ideal client category, but you could still serve them as if they were.


Think about how you can streamline or create an extraordinary experience for them, from onboarding all the way to offboarding.


Strategy 5 | Be 100% Human

Regardless of whether you are a business brand or a personal brand, one thing I truly stand for is to be truly human.


Each and every single of your client wants to feel like they’re special and not treated just like a number on your KPI report.


What I mean by be human is take a look at your visuals, your copy, and day-to-day conversations. Does it look, sound, and feel human?


I know it sounds elementary and perhaps some industry has its own set of standard rules to follow but are you able to think of the other ways you can add that personal touch to your entire experience?


Once you nail down a way to make your brand human, it will go a long way to creating a memorable brand.



Strategy 6 | Get Creative With Your Packages

For any online service-based business (e.g. coaches, virtual assistants, graphic designer, web designer), what are some ways you can bundle up some of your offerings to create an irresistible package that is hard to say no?


For example, If you offer web design services, can you possibly give your web design clients unlimited access to your client portal where they are able to watch tutorials on ‘how to add a new page’, ‘how to add pictures into media library’, ‘how to best optimize each blog post’, just to name a few examples.


These are the things that may seem so simple to you but most times, your web design clients will thank you for it because these are the little thoughtful things that create the added value.


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Strategy 7 | Streamline Your Workflow

Do you have a streamlined workflow in place? Gone are the days when certain administrative tasks have to be done manually. Whilst still keeping the personalized touch, are there any gaps in between your workflow that you can automate and streamline?


Say your business requires your clients to sign a contract before a project starts. Rather than having to send them a contract in a PDF format attached to the email where they have to download, print, sign, scan and reply to you via email. Look for software that offers electronic signature to make it easy for them to do business with you.


If you need a recommendation, start with Dubsado* which is the tool I’m using for my online business and this tool has been such a life-changing experience to automating my onboarding tasks and having personal client portals to keep all documents in one place.


Use my code ‘seralodesign’ and get 20% OFF your first month with Dubsado*!


Note: In all transparency, I’m an affiliate with Dubsado. What this means is if you use my code or my link, I earn myself a free month with Dubsado. This comes at no additional cost to you but I’d very much appreciate if you use my link as a way of saying thanks. All opinions are of my own and I only recommend products that I love and use in my online business.


Strategy 8 | Sometimes, You Just Have To Break The Rules

Every industry has its own standard rules but ever heard of this saying, “rules are meant to be broken?” Sounds like a rebel I know but hear me out.


Most retainer packages have a minimum of 3 months, but you might want to differentiate yourself, so then why not offer a no lock-in retainer?


If you are really good at what you do and you know that you’re able to deliver the results that you say so – tell your prospective clients that they will want to continue their partnership with you but if not, reassure them that it is completely okay for them to say no.


There’s this reverse psychology about it. When you say you can deliver exactly what you say so, and you prove it and deliver even more value, no doubt your clients will want to continue the retainer with you.


Think about the rules you can break?


Strategy 9 | Don’t Be Afraid To Have A Strong Belief

Some might say an entrepreneur has to hustle like crazy to see growth in their business, whilst others strongly believe that it’s all about the law of attraction and others go all out for the slow entrepreneurship living lifestyle.


Whilst there is absolutely no right or wrong but if you have a belief you strongly stand for, don’t be afraid to spread your message out fearlessly, don’t be afraid about people judging you, or being out of the ordinary. If so, when you truly believe in something, there will be people that believe in your message.  


The people who agree with your message will like you for how authentic you are, and for being bold enough to stand firmly on something and lastly, this might just be your next ultimate strong differentiation in your brand.


Strategy 10 | Always Get Feedback

Saving this for the last but such a powerful one!


After finishing working with a client, send them a few questions that you’d love to hear from them such as what is one thing you absolutely love about when working with me? Or what made you decide to work with me?


Sometimes, their feedback may open up a new perspective that you have never thought of before that could potentially be your next strength and a key differentiator from the rest



So here were my 10 powerful strategies to differentiate your brand.


At the end of the day, creating your own strategies to differentiate your brand is not something you do once and it’s sorted. It’s always a work in progress and in order to know which strategy works and which strategy doesn’t work is to keep evaluating.


Which strategy do you think you will apply for your brand?




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 10 Powerful Strategies To Differentiate Your Brand