7 Tips For Creating Your Brand Values

7 Tips For Creating Your Brand Values

In today’s post, I’m going to share with you 7 tips for creating your brand values, why they are so important for your brand and how they can positively benefit your clients.


Brands values are something that put you at the heart of your brand. These are your beliefs, the things that you stand for. These are the things that really, really hold true meaning to you.


It doesn’t matter if you are a personal brand or branding for a business, brand values are something that every online business should have and it doesn’t matter whether you are starting out or you are already established.


Every brand should have brand values.


Believe it or not, we all have our own set of brand values, it is just a matter of coming to an understanding of what brand values are and how they can really benefit you, your clients and your online business.


The way I like to do this exercise with my 1-1 clients, and it is one of the assignments that is featured in my soon to be launched online course, I teach my students how to create and develop their brand values and how to keep things consistent.


You can look at your brand values in 2 ways:

1 – The emotional benefit

2 – The functional benefits


Emotional Benefits

This is where you put yourself in your client’s shoes. What are the benefits your clients receive when they decide to work with you?


Functional Benefits

This is what makes your services different from others.


For example, my personal brand, some people see me as someone who doesn’t sugar coat, and this is especially for my 1-1 clients and collaborators and this is one of the emotional benefits. The way that I do this for instance when something needs to be improved I like to give my honest opinion when I’m working with my clients. And I always put it out there that everyone can agree to disagree, of course, I don’t just disagree for the sake of it, but I always provide a why and a solution and the benefits. And this all falls under one of my brand values of transparency.


Brand Values: B2B, B2C or B2H

You hear this a lot of the time, you are either branding B2B (business-to-business) or B2C (business-to-consumer) and I like to think of it as B2H (business-to-human). It doesn’t matter whether you are an online service based or you’re a product based business, ultimately at the end of the day, the client who is purchasing and investing their time and money in you is because they trust you.


There is a saying, once the trust is burned, it’s finished.


When your company is growing, the only way it can grow is through money/sales, it’s as simple as that and as transparent as I can get. It doesn’t matter how many followers you have on Instagram, how many likes you have on your Facebook page – if you’re here to make money whilst feeding your passion, your customers and clients are the people who will help you to grow your online business.


I don’t like to see any of my students and clients as a number or a target.


This is something a lot of people slip off and forget about because they don’t remind themselves that the reason people invest is that they trust and like you, the also often forget that these people help grow their online business.


This is why I like to think of it as B2H, business-to-human rather than B2B or B2C.


How your brand values can really benefit your online business

1: Helps to connect with like-minded individuals, they might not necessarily be your ideal clients or customers.


Recently I shared on my Instagram my experience of an incident with a toxic client who I fired recently and it was a project that was worth $5,000. Ever since I voiced this my DMs were flooded with messages not only from potential clients but also from other people who aligned with my values. This is because I’m building a community, a genuine relationship online.


2: Helps to attract your ideal clients

One of the things that I love to give myself and my clients as a reminder is that you should never assume who your connections know. When you are aligned with your values and you connect with like-minded individuals, you’ll find that sometimes people that they know need your services/products and therefore they will recommend you. It is also one of the ways you can attract your ideal clients in a genuine and raw manner.


3: Keeps you focused

When you have a solid foundation in your brand and you understand your brand values, it keeps you focused. When you’re focused, as a business owner it can save you time and marketing efforts. Whatever you want to launch in the future, the campaigns and people you would like to collaborate with in the future having clearly defined brand values helps keep you focused.


And whatever it is, if you know from the beginning whether the brand aligns with you and your brand values, it can really save you time and marketing efforts.


Tip 1 | Be honest with yourself

At the end of the day, brand values are for you to own and not someone else. Don’t come up with a brand value because it sounds nice or trendy.


One of the product brands that I admire has just incorporated sustainability as brand value. As you know sustainable and ethical brands are on a rise, you can think of it as trending or finally someone who is doing a good cause. But as more brands enter this market, it makes me more conscious of whether this particular brand is living up to the standards. Because these brand values are trending I always do a check to make sure that it is actually ethically made.


Don’t just look at the trending brand values and use these, be honest with yourself. The moment you use brand values that just sound good and are trendy when you stop being consistent it’ll show that it isn’t you. You’ll lose trust and credibility with your audience.


Tip 2 | Stay consistent

For instance, if you were to say one of your brand values were transparency the moment you become inconsistent your audience will perceive you as a brand who isn’t reliable, dishonest and it make cause confusion to not only your clients and audience but also your team members.


So if you have your brand values laid out, it doesn’t matter if they aren’t perfect as they are always a work in progress, you should just ensure you are consistent with them.


Tip 3 | Know your ideal clients’ beliefs

At the end of the day, you want to attract your ideal clients. You have to find the sweet spot that overlaps, the point where your brand values mean something to you but also means something to your ideal clients.


Understanding your ideal client’s beliefs and what their brand values mean to them will help you know how these brand values impact them.


Tip 4 | Respect every human being

For example one of my core values is empower. Even though my personal brand is women-centric, that doesn’t mean I don’t respect men. I have so many amazing friends who are male entrepreneurs, bosses, founders and even my partner who is a great entrepreneur and is amazing at helping startups grow.


But because of the direction and my beliefs that I want in Sera Lo Design, I’ve decided to concentrate on the female industry. Yet that doesn’t mean that I disrespect male entrepreneurs.


Tip 5 | Go deeper than “generic” words

Again, let’s go with transparency, this could be deemed “generic” and I say “generic” like this because people interpret words differently. If you were to use transparent as your brand values you need to explain further using your ideal client’s language so that they can understand.


You need to go deeper, how do you define it, how do you let other people perceive you in what manner. As you don’t want to just leave your brand value as transparent and let other people decide what it means.


Tip 6 | Communicate your values often

It doesn’t matter if it’s on your website copy, on your social media, it needs to be throughout the experience and stressing on the brand values. Communicate these often online to your potential clients, to your potential collaborators, team members as it’s important for them to understand what you stand for.


Tip 7 | Evaluate

I cannot stress this enough, and if I have to sound like a broken record, I will be!


Evaluation is key as if you think of your brand as a human being, we grow, we change, we evolve. And the brand values you might have from 5 years ago might not align with what your beliefs are now.


I like to think of evaluation as just having a little check-in. Check in every 6 months – 1 year, to see if there are certain things that might need to change. Things might still be perfect, great, but if you constantly remind yourself you will have clarity.


As if you’re not clear 100%, how can you expect your ideal clients to know what your brand values are?



These are my 7 tips to help you create your brand values, at the end of the day they are the center of your brand, including your brand visuals (logo, graphics), brand voice (message) and the relationships you have with humans (potential clients, collaborators, team members).


I would love to know, which of these 7 tips have helped you create your brand values?

Leave your comment down below.



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 7 Tips For Creating Your Brand Values