10 Actionable Easy Ways to Grow Your Online Business Today

10 Actionable Easy Ways to Grow Your Online Business Today

Opportunities are everywhere but are you being proactive to pursue them? Or maybe you want to grow your online business but you don’t know how?


If any of the above resonates with you, you are about to enjoy this post so grab yourself a cup of coffee or tea!


I am so excited to share with you 10 actionable easy ways to grow your online business that you can literally start today!


All of the opportunities I am about to share are the things I have already tried and granted. Which not only increased my level of confidence but also help me attained some of my greatest accomplishments for my online business, if I have not pursued it otherwise.


My hope is that you will take one (or a few) ways so that you can grow your online business too – so let’s jump right in!



1 | Reach out to your inner circle

If you have just launched your online business with little to no audience, for now, continue to build your online presence and at the same time – reach out to people you already know like your families and friends (or what I call your inner circle).


Draft a personalized email or message and simply share with them about what you do and who are the people you are hoping to work or connect with.


It can be as simple as, “Hey [NAME], I am so excited to share with you about my new online business that recently launched! I help [IDEAL CLIENTS] to achieve [RESULTS] through [SERVICES]. If you do know anyone who might need my help or if you hear someone mentioning [INDUSTRY TYPE], I would very much appreciate it if you could send them my way. Thank you so much, [NAME]!


It is not so much about selling your services right from the get-go but more of creating awareness and spreading your message out there. You see, you will NEVER know who THEY know or meet in the future.


Say they do meet someone new down the road who need some help in the area of your expertise. Guess who they are going to reach out to? YOU.


2 | Go live on social media

You are an online service-based entrepreneur.


And you know that video is on the rise (and will continue to rise). You know that showing your face online will help to humanize your brand.


But there is one thing that is stopping you… let me guess. Fear?


Well, me too. But that was a thing in the past. After I got past this fear gradually, I gained more exposure, people started noticing me online and more paid opportunities came my way!


Look, I completely understand where you are coming from because I was scared sh*t too when I first went live to introduce myself in a Facebook group.


BUT I did it. Regardless of what the live content was about. It is just one of those things when the more you do it, the more comfortable it will be for you. As cliché as it sounds, you can do it too.


Trust me, everybody starts from zero and most people goes through the same emotion of fear when doing something for the first time too. That is just the way our brains are being wired.


But if you truly want to gain more awareness and promote yourself online – you have to get past this fear. No one can do it for you except yourself.


If going live is too much for you in the beginning, start with Instagram Stories. Show your face. Invite people in. Allow people to know you and your story today.


3 | Spend 30-60 minutes daily engaging on social media

Now I understand, you are a solopreneur wearing multiple different hats. And of course, you have other commitments outside of your business as well.


But here is the thing. If you want people to engage with you, you have got to put in the effort to engage with your audience too. After all, we are building a genuine relationship online and it is a two-way street.


Block out specific time blocks in your calendar to fully engage with your followers and your audience daily. Taking the time to comment on their posts, send DMs to people you admire, reply to their stories… whatever that it is. Start a conversation with people.


4 | Join a free Facebook Group

Working for yourself can be lonely but it does not have to be.


Join a Facebook group today to connect with like-minded individuals!


One of the Facebook groups I absolutely adore is The Game Changer Gang. It is an online community full of like-minded individuals coming from different industries and they are all motivated working towards their goals in their online business.


Whenever I need to seek advice or need to bounce off ideas, this online community always have my back. And going back to my previous point, it is a two-way street at the end of the day so if you do chance upon any posts in a group that you know you can help, give a helping hand!


Also, if you have any Facebook groups that you absolutely adore? Be sure to leave them in the comments below so my readers and I can check them out as well!


5 | Join a paid membership

At the end of 2018, I wrote down that I want to join a membership program that is women-centric and Future Women is one of the communities that I want to join.


Funnily enough, they launched a giveaway on their Instagram in January and I participated. Guess what? I won myself to an annual pass to their Gold Membership. (Ha! I know the universe will always have my back)


But even if I did not win this giveaway, joining a paid membership is one of my “to accomplish” list. So if you want to be a part of something bigger, surround yourself with other inspiring female entrepreneurs or learning new things outside of your industry, consider checking out Future Women. #notsponsored


6 | Attend an in-person networking event

As much as I love the digital world, meeting new people in-person is something that I really enjoy. Especially learning about someone else’s story and engaging in deep conversations on the same wavelength.


If you are thinking of attending a networking event, I have a small humble tip for you. Which is go with a giver’s mindset. You see, I have attended quite a few networking events which mostly were a pleasant experience and some were just a complete turnoff.


Please do yourself a favor and go with a giver’s mindset rather than a taker’s mindset. What I mean by that is rather than attending one for the sake of searching who can be your next potential client, attend with a mindset of who you can help and build a genuine relationship.


So say if you were to meet up someone in an event and he/she might be looking for a VA. Rather than brushing this person off and go on looking for someone else to “connect” with, help this person out and connect him/her to someone you know who can help them.


7 | Give a gift to your past clients

Now one thing I have to put it out there is this has to genuinely come from the bottom of your heart. Meaning, when you choose to give a gift, it has to come from a giver’s mindset and not expect ANYTHING in return.


Similar concept to my previous point. The way that the human brain works are – when you give, naturally people will want to return somehow. BUT ultimately at the end of the day, it has to come from a no motive mindset.


Sometime back in December 2018, I sent a range of customized candles to my past clients as a way of saying thanks. And do you want to know the statistics? 20% of my past clients reached out to me again which led into $10,000 worth of income.


While of course, you absolutely do not have to fork out hundreds of dollars to gift especially when you are just starting out.


It can be a handwritten note to express your gratitude or say you are a brand designer and you just wrapped up a project. Can you create a PDF guide on for example – ‘the different types of file formats and when to use them’ to further empower your clients on how to use their logos moving forward?


The ideas are limitless so get creative!


8 | Follow-up with “lost” clients

Are you taking it too personally when a potential client “disappeared” on you?


Well, the number one BIG rule never takes things personally in your business. You have got to understand your clients have a hectic schedule and they probably forgot to get back to you.


As a solopreneur, you are running multiple different hats, right? Now, this is the time to put on your business development manager hat and do a follow-up.


Choose a CRM that works best for you or simply use a free tool like Google Sheets. Then, record your potential clients’ details, project types and set a reminder to send them a follow-up email.


Most times? They really do want to work with you but they probably forgot about it.


Set a reminder and send them a friendly follow-up email (or even better, create an automated workflow to streamline your admin tasks). I recommend two follow-ups the maximum, with 3-7 days apart.


I know there are plenty of articles out there like follow-up with your potential clients a million times (Ok, I am exaggerating it but you get the drift) and in my humble opinion, that is too complicating and way too annoying for your potential clients.


Bottom line – it is not their job or responsibility to remember to get back to your proposals (or e-sign your contract). You as the “business development manager” have got to take action if they do not get back to you.


9 | Pitch a guest post on someone else’s blog

One of my business goals for this year is to grow my audience by getting featured on someone else’s blog or website.


And before I can even start pitching? I know I cannot have an empty blog if I want to guest blog on someone else’s blog, right? Or if I want to do a blog collaboration with another blogger. So this is something that I am working towards.


Whether you blog for your business or you a podcaster, pitch to someone or a company whom you think your audience can really benefit from and of course somehow related to your industry as well.


10 | Promote a time-limited offer for your services/digital products

A few days back, I sent a celebratory offer to all of my past clients (because of some exciting news I will be sharing on my Instagram in the next week or so) and after I released this email to them… I generated an additional $5,000 in my business.


I am not to say you have to run a promotion every single month and definitely not something I encourage you as well only because this will hurt your business in the long run.


But when you strategically create a time-limited offer every now and then or when you launch something like a new online course or a new service – by creating a time-limited offer will help to create a sense of urgency for your potential clients to work with you.



So here are my 10 actionable and easy ways to grow your online business!


As an online entrepreneur myself, I will never want to sugarcoat anyone. Running an online business takes hard work and effort have to be put in. There is NO such thing as sitting by your laptop and working from home = clients come running to you immediately.


You have to take action. You have to be proactive. You have to show up both online and offline. No matter which stage you are in your business.


If are you truly committed to growing your online business and you really want it bad enough, you will do whatever it takes to make things happen.



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