5 Biggest Myths About Branding You Should Know

5 Biggest Myths About Branding You Should Know

If you are thinking branding is something only big companies need or can afford, you are not alone.


Unfortunately, many business owners are buying into these myths that are actually hurting their business in the long run.


And I want to shed light on debunking 5 biggest myths about branding you should know – which may be potentially holding your business back from succeeding or if not more.



Myth 1 | Branding is Only for Big Companies

If you are thinking branding is only for companies like Apple, Amazon, and Starbucks just to name a few, think again. Branding is not what you say but what they say about you. In other words, it is how your customers or your clients perceive your brand.


There are so many companies out there offering similar products and/or services as yours …


How are you any different from your competitors? A really simple (and challenging) question you should ask yourself is why should your clients or customers invest in your brand?


Say you are a life coach, ask yourself these questions:


  • Why you do what you do?
  • What is the value you bring to your people?
  • How are you any different from all the life coaches out there?


In a nutshell, branding isn’t just for big companies. Because of the fact that these days, everyone (including myself) are spoilt for choices that branding becomes a crucial competitive edge.


So long you are running a business, take the time to think through how can you develop a solid brand that aligns with who you are as a business to help you set your brand apart from the rest.


Myth 2 | Branding is All About My Business Name and Logo

If only that was the case, there would be no need for brand strategists.


I am not saying your business name, logo design, or any other visuals are not important. They are important. In fact, your look-and-feel is one of the important components under the umbrella of branding but there is more to that.


Here is the thing, if you have no idea of who you are as a brand… I am talking about your existence, your brand story, your core values, your personality, your brand voice, and the list goes on…


How could you translate that into something that represents YOU?


If you find yourself switching your logo design because all of a sudden you got bored of it or let me guess, you feel that SOMETHING is missing but cannot quite wrap your finger around it?


Then, it is most likely that you have yet to nail down the most basic and important steps. Your brand strategy.


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Myth 3 | I Don’t Need a Branding as I Just Started My Online Business

Big mistake.

I repeat. BIG MISTAKE!



Please do yourself and your business future favor and don’t underestimate the ONE most important strongest asset you have in your business.



Say you decided to take the plunge to quit your 9-5 job and FINALLY turn your side hustle into a full-time business. It is definitely an exciting leap to be able to live your dream and start working for yourself, right?


But have you given a thought about your overall business goals, your vision, and your mission? As I always say this to my private clients (which I know I sound like a broken record already) BUT I will keep saying this over and over again if I must!


Before you can build a brand strategy, you have to define your goal first.


Both your personal and business goals have to go hand-in-hand with your vision and your mission. When you skip this step, it can be extremely easy to lose focus along the way and get distracted by things (heck, or even other business owners you admire), using their strategies and tactics.


Then start to wonder why you are not achieving the same or even half of the results you tried?


I am not saying it will not work, but rather, it may not necessarily apply to where your business is currently at – in order to get the results you want.


I have been there and done that. And I am telling you that this was a massive lesson learned for me.


With a clear brand strategy in place right from the get-go, it allows you to stay focus on what you do and making sure that everything you do within your business is aligned to YOUR vision (and not someone else’s).


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Myth 4 | Branding Seems Easy, I Can Do It Myself

Now I have to put a disclaimer in saying that if you have a background in design and comprehensive knowledge about the ins-and-outs of branding. Granted, you surely can.


But if not… probably (alongside with all the above myths) you have tried creating your logo on Canva which is probably not the wisest decision if you are fully committed to growing your business.


Again, I am not someone who sugar coats.


I must say there is absolutely NOTHING wrong in creating your day-to-day graphics for your business with tools like Canva. Or if you are just dipping your toes into side-hustling out of pure passion. Then, maybe.


But if you are serious about growing your business and create a stunning first impression online that attracts your ideal clients and turn them into paying clients? The first impression really counts.


And most times, it is just better off leaving it to a brand strategist and/or a designer to help you with that. And the reason? Is simple.


So that you can leave it a professional who knows what they are doing (and how to) and you can spend your time focusing on the things that you do best.


Now… I know what you are thinking at this point. Which I leave it for the last.


Myth 5 | Branding is Expensive

For this myth, I will leave it short and straight to the point.


Firstly, I say “expensive” is a matter of perception. In my humble opinion, I think a better way to look at this is by asking yourself how much will you save?


How much will it cost you to lose that opportunity to work with that potential client (that you have been hoping for) because they don’t perceive your brand as how you would like them to.


Look at the bigger picture. Think about the value you will get out of it and how it can save you time and marketing efforts in the long run.



So, there we have it!


I really do hope this has given you an informative insight into some of the biggest (and common) branding myths that possibly may be holding your businesses from succeeding, or if not more.


Did you buy any of these myths? If so, which myth and why?



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5 Biggest Myths About Branding You Should Know