5 Questions You Need to Ask Before Branding Your Online Business

5 Questions You Need to Ask Before Branding Your Online Business

So you have a great business idea and you have gone through the initial validation process. And now you are so tempted to jump right in and start branding your online business, right? Well, I thought so too!


First off, I want to wish you a MASSIVE congratulations for being brave enough to create something extraordinary you can be proud to call your own!


But before you pour your heart, soul and precious time into branding your online business, have you answered these 5 questions yet?



1 | What is your story?

A strong branding goes deeper than the look-and-feel of your brand (I.e. your logo design, your website design, business card etc.), it all starts with YOU.



Of all the business ideas you can choose from or have thought of, why did you decided to start this PARTICULAR business idea you have in mind?


Is it because you noticed things in your daily life that are inefficient or ineffective, hence why this PARTICULAR business idea? Or perhaps it is something that has an emotional connection related to your past?


Let me share with you about my story which all began in February 2017 when I decided to take the plunge and tendered my resignation letter. And no, I did not hate my job. In fact, I loved it so much that I did not mind working beyond my contracted hours.


But somehow, I was not feeling fulfilled. Can you relate?


Not knowing what to do, I made an impromptu decision and flew to Siem Reap, Cambodia for a one-week volunteering trip. Just one afternoon as I was painting a roof for a non-profit school (and not to mention I have an absolute fear of heights) but so glad I did it anyway because otherwise?


I would not have found my calling! Since then, Sera Lo Design was launched in 2017.


Each and every one of us has a unique story to share. What is yours?


2 | Why do you exist?

Once you know what your unique story is, my next question to you then would be what made you decided to start your online business?


While of course, making money is one of the reasons but looking beyond that, why you do what you do? There are infinite ways to make money online these days, so why are you choosing this particular business?


I know it sounds really similar to the previous question, but I challenge you to think deeper into your WHY and WHAT positive impact you want to make in your industry.


What that looks for me is, I am committed to helping online service-based female entrepreneurs to attract their ideal clients, breakthrough their first 5-figure month and continue to grow their income consistently.


I encourage you to take some time to think about this as opposed to coming up with a “reason” just because. If you feel stuck, I recently wrote a blog post about the steps you need to take to grow your brand.


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3 | What are the problems you solve within your industry?

What might sound like a really simple question but more so often than not, it is something that most people (including myself when I first started my online business) usually overlook on.


Say you want to start a digital marketing consultancy, what is the SPECIFIC problem you solve?


Rather than saying, “I help my clients to manage their social media calendar.” I challenge you to think deeper than just scratching the surface.


The key focus here is to be SPECIFIC.


4 | Who are your ideal clients?

Have you heard of this saying?


If you try to appeal everyone, you appeal to no one.


And this is SO true.


It really saddens me whenever I hear my clients spending a large investment upfront but only to hear crickets after launching their online business. Sometimes, even making $0 in a month or longer. Perhaps you are in the same boat too?


I know you have the knowledge and the skills within your industry. I know you really are passionate about what you do and you do want to help people achieve their goals, whatever that might be.


But here is the thing – in order for your client to engage your services, regardless if you are charging $1 or $1,000 – they have got to TRUST you.


Rather than spending your time and effort to target every single human on this earth, take the time to find out who are the people you truly want to serve and provide value to them.


This simple question will be your anchor point to help you understand exactly HOW you are going to spread your message out there and HOW to connect with them on a deeper level.


Some of the questions to help you nail down your ideal clients are:


  • What are their pains and problems you can help?
  • What do they know and think about your industry?


5 | Who are your competitors and how can you differentiate yourself?

Now if you have been following me on Instagram, you know I am all about the community over competition.


(Which by the way – if you are not following me already you can find me @seralodesign. Ha! #ShamelessPlug but no really, come hang out with me as that is where I post all about branding tips and the behind-the-scenes of my business)


But what I am trying to say is ultimately at the end of the day, if you are truly committed about starting your online business and making it work for you, you have got to make money. It is as simple as that. I mean, surely you are not doing this for fun as a hobby right? Well, I hope so!


There are PLENTY of online businesses out there who are providing the same services as you, so you still have to do your upfront research on who exactly your competitors are, which then leads to my next point.


  • How can you be more memorable?
  • How can you be different than your competitors?


Now, there is one thing that I want to share with you. And that is please do yourself a future favor and stop competing on price.


If you think about it, do you really want to attract potential clients who only want your free advice through your consultation calls? Or charging $XX for a logo design just because you want to make it “attractive” to your potential clients?


You want to attract clients who see the value in what you can help them to achieve, willing to invest in your services and most importantly, get excited to work with you, right?


The core focus here is to really think deep on your true differentiation. Never be afraid to be different. People remember uniqueness.


If you have a belief that your competitors don’t, be firm and stand for what you believe in. If everyone else is using a similar aesthetic or brand colors within your industry, be different and go for something else different but of course, still aligns with your integrity and values.



So that it is from me, the 5 questions you need to answer before branding your online business.


By taking the time upfront to truly challenge yourself and answer these questions – I promise you, it will serve you a LONG way and save you on your time and efforts moving forward.


Remember, branding is not what you say but what other people say that matters.


I hope you have taken away some useful insights into finding more about yourself and your business. If you have any other tips to share or questions for me, I invite you to continue the conversation in the comments below.



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5 Questions You Need to Ask Before Branding Your Online Business