The 3 Essential Steps to Growing Your Brand

The 3 Essential Steps to Growing Your Brand

Growing your brand is just as important as growing your online business as these two goes hand in hand in order to build a successful (and profitable) online business.


But first, I want to shed light on the difference between a brand and a business. To put it simply, the analogy I love to use is I want you to think of it in a human context.


Think of your business as your body and your brand as your personality. Meaning even if someone attempts to dress like you, speak like you or behave like you, this person will never become you.


It goes the same for your brand. Even if another brand has a similar aesthetic as yours or use the same voice and tone as you, this brand can never 100% become uniquely YOU.


So how can you grow your brand to help grow your online business into a successful and profitable one?


Enter brand strategy.



One of the BIGGEST misconceptions about branding I often hear is all about your visuals. #MythBusted


In fact, branding is intangible a.k.a. unable to be touched or seen. It goes way beyond your business name, logo design, and colors etc.


A brand is an experience you deliver to your audience and HOW your audience is going to feel when working with you or using your products.



In order to develop a memorable brand, brand strategy is the gateway to doing so.


There are many different sub-components that fall under a brand strategy but in today’s post, I really want to focus on the key essentials to help you create and/or strengthen your brand today.


I know it may possibly sound boring or perhaps unnecessary, but trust me. With a solid brand strategy in place, it will honestly change the way your online business progresses moving forward.


To share with you some of the key benefits of having a solid brand strategy:


  • Provides a clear direction of where your business is going
  • Helps you to understand where you stand in your industry
  • Helps to humanize your brandReduces your marketing efforts and costsKeeps you consistent


Whether you are already running your online business or you are thinking about starting one this year, this is a great opportunity to look at your business from a bird’s eye view.


I want to help YOU start gaining clarity, keep you focused on the goals you have set for your business, so you never have to worry about going off track.


Ready? Let’s dive in!



Step 1 | Define (or refine) your purpose

Before diving into other areas of the brand strategy key essentials, it all boils down to you. Why do you exist (a.k.a your vision) and what do you do (a.k.a. your mission)?


Your Mission

What made you decided to start your business? While of course, making money is one of the reasons (we are talking about business here, not a hobby), but looking beyond that, why you do what you do?


There are infinite ways to make money online these days, so why are you choosing THIS particular business? Once you have figured out the reason, it will serve (and motivate) you and/or your team members in the long run.


Maybe you create and sell stock photos online for creative entrepreneurs. So what led you to this business idea in the first place?


Is it because you are a photographer and you saw a need for this digital product to help improve the quality of images or offer a variety of creative stock images for the creative entrepreneurs in mind that are currently not present in the market or doesn’t the problems you have? Whatever it is, this is your mission.


Your Vision

Where do you see yourself and your business headed in the future? What is the positive impact do you want to change in your industry that makes you the thought leader of the next generation?


This question will challenge you to dig deeper into why you exist and give you that extra boost into your day-to-day business activities. Serving you a strong compelling reason (and a reminder) of where you are today and where you want to go tomorrow.


Now I know what you are thinking. You probably are not thinking too far into the future; winging it as you go. Or, “I will test out my business for 1 year and hope for the best.


Not a wise decision. As we know things can change even in just one day and how unrealistic it might sound to plan for the next 1-3 years, but hear me out. Your business goals and your brand strategy support one another.


If you are clear about where you want to take your business, your brand strategy will help you get there. This is your vision.


Step 2 | Differentiate and set yourself apart

Now that you have worked through the foundation of why you exist, what you do and how you will achieve your business goals. It is time to strategically think about what makes you different from the rest in your industry.


Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Why should your customers choose your services/products? What it seems like a simple question but without much strategic thought into it, your business is simply not going to stand out online. Your USP is the key factor that makes your offerings different from your competitors.


You have an amazing business idea and you are extremely talented at what you do, how can you make your offerings unique? And no. Being the cheapest in the market or having the best customer service is simply not enough.


Say the above examples are your USPs, take the time to dive deeper into what exactly does being the ‘cheapest’ or ‘best customer service’ means to your audience.


Once you have figured out your USP, you are one step closer to gaining clarity into where you stand in your industry, as opposed to just “blending in”.


Step 3 | Develop a personality for your brand

Once you are clear on your brand positioning, the next step is to develop a personality for your brand. Like I have mentioned at the beginning of this post, think of your brand as the personality you have as a human.


How can you reflect that into your brand? How can you translate your personality into a series of messages? To help you with that, ask yourself the following questions:


  • Who is your ideal client/customer?
  • What are the characteristics/traits of your brand?
  • What are your voice and tone?


How you want to make your audience feel = how your audience will perceive your brand. Every social media post you create or anything that you say offline and online should communicate a strong message that spreads your beliefs while resonating with your audience.


Step 4 | Repeat

Wait, what?


Unfortunately, developing a brand strategy is not something that you do it once and sorted with. Just like humans, we are constantly evolving. So is your brand. Every business is different, so I encourage you to check in with your brand at least once per quarter.


For a couple of reasons like perhaps your business mission has changed into a different niche or your business growth outgrew your business mission faster than you thought or maybe you are not seeing the results in your online business as you hoped (I.e. profitability)


… then perhaps it is time to refine your brand strategy.



And here it is, 3 essential steps to growing your brand that you can literally start today!


The more you understand your brand, the easier it is to build credibility and trust with your audience.


With a solid brand strategy in place, it will help you to stay consistent and give your customers/clients to choose you again, and again.


Do you have a solid, well-thought-out brand strategy for your business? If so, what are some of the benefits you have seen from it?



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The 3 Essential Steps to Growing Your Brand