Email is one of the popular forms of communication tools in business.

However, it can often lead to hundreds of emails between you and your team members or clients, having difficulties to search for a specific piece of content in an email or an attachment they have sent a week ago. You may also have encountered situations when your team members or clients decide to create a new thread instead of hitting ‘reply’ on your emails; causing email conversations broken down into several threads.

Sounds familiar to you?



Here’s another scenario – are you a freelance designer, photographer, copywriter or any service-based business owner? If so, you probably would have experienced the following situations at some point:

  • Clients starting a new thread instead of hitting ‘reply’ on your emails
  • Constantly having to chase clients for their feedback on the work you have done
  • Client is not completing their assigned tasks on time, causing a delay in the timeline of your project

All these back-and-forth emails and unorganized way of communicating often leads to frustration and not forgetting, a waste of time too.


Well, instead of pushing the blame to your team members or clients, we as business owners need to have an organized communicating system, to keep up with tasks and ensuring our deadlines are met. Otherwise, things can quickly go out of hand.

How can we turn chaos into clarity? We found a solution that we’ve been using it for a few months now and we are thrilled to share this project management tool called Asana with you!

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Asana is one of the best and free project management tools in the market that allows you and your team members or clients to track your work, assigning tasks, keeping up with projects’ deadlines and handling private conversations between you and your team members or clients. It helps your business to move work from start to finish.

Out of the many project management tools in the market, why Asana?


01 | Free

Yes, that’s right, Asana is free to use.

Their basic version includes the following features:

  • Basic search
  • Basic dashboard
  • Add up to 15 team members
  • Unlimited tasks, projects, and conversations

This is perfect for sole proprietorship and small business owners. If you have more than 15 team members or possibly need more features for your business needs, have a look at their premium pricing plans.

Struggling to organize your business tasks? Download the ‘Get Started With Asana Guide’ above and move your business forward with an organized management system.


02 | Stay on track with your business tasks

At Sera Lo Design, we don’t only use Asana to manage our business tasks, but our clients’ projects too.

Not only we have design projects to keep up with; we also have other business tasks such as writing blog posts, writing newsletters, creating free resources for SLD Library and other exciting business projects that are in the process of brewing!



If your business is multi-faceted, like us, Asana allows you to keep track of everything so as to ensure that your workflow goes smoothly and you’re right on track.

Asana’s dashboard makes it easy to keep up with different tasks. You are able to view every single business task in one window, as well as other categories, due date and who they are assigned to, so on and so forth.


03 | Better communication with your team members or clients

No more jumping from emails to other various online platforms to communicate.

This not only leads to a messy communication but also having difficulties to find a specific piece of information or an attachment.

With Asana, it is a project management tool that keeps everyone and everything in one (1) place. You are able to assign specific tasks and due date to an individual team member or clients. Collect feedbacks and have a private group conversation in a specific task or project. This way, it allows you to keep up with everyone’s progress and stay updated throughout in one (1) online platform.



Having trouble with your business communication? Download the ‘Get Started With Asana Guide’ above which we’ve provided a step-by-step guide to help you along and bid goodbye to messy communication!


04 | Integrates with Google

This feature is a bonus if you are already using Google!

It lets you find and upload files easily from your Google Drive to any tasks or conversations, automatically create Google Calendar events from Asana tasks, add unlimited projects to your dashboard and create dashboard reports in Google Sheets.



How amazing is that?

If you haven’t already known, we recently launched our blog series with the goal in mind to create a weekly dose of useful tips and articles for entrepreneurs and business owners.

As mentioned earlier on, blogging isn’t the only business tasks that we have. Hence, it is important for us to have a systematic and efficient way of preparing our blog post from start to finish. We first begin by outlining our content in Google Docs and attach it to the related task. By doing this, it not only saves us time but also make our life easier to find and access.

We also use a similar process when it comes to sending design concepts for our clients.

Feeling overwhelmed with your blogging process? Download the ‘Get Started With Asana Guide’ above where we’ve provided the steps and an example of how we create tasks and subtasks.


05 | Work on the go with Asana mobile app

As business owners, we often work on the go.

Therefore, this is another bonus! Use your time wisely and work on the go with Asana’s mobile app. It is available for both iOS and Android. Not only is it beautifully designed but serves practical purposes too.


There are a lot more features and ways to use Asana that we didn’t cover in this blog post as we want to share some of the amazing features that we are currently using on a daily basis. There are so much more to explore as they are constantly updating with new features from time to time.

Overall, Asana is a great and free project management tool to keep up with your projects and business tasks.

To help you get started, we have created a free ‘Get Started With Asana Guide’ for you to download:


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Remember, having an organized project management system not only makes your life easier but also allows you to utilize time to its full potential.

Are you currently using any project management tool for your business? If so, share it in the comments below on what are some of the amazing features you’re enjoying!

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