Ready to uncover the roadblocks in your business journey so you can start feeling inspired, 100% confident and achieve the goals you truly desire?

The first thing I would have done is to work on my WHY before thinking about WHAT services to offer and HOW to spread my message online.

Starting an online business is an exciting journey! I mean… you have tons of motivation in the beginning but all of a sudden, the harsh reality sets in.


You are working so flippin’ hard on building your online business in hopes to spread your message out there but right now? You are not getting your ideal clients and not to mention, income is inconsistent too.


Despite spending countless hours reading on sales and marketing related articles in hopes to learn and apply the same strategies but you are not seeing the results you desire.


Perhaps you have been running your online business for a while now and deep down, you know something is misaligned but can’t quite put your finger on it. You lost the motivation you once had and things are just in a hot mess right now.

If you are going through any of the above situations, I just want to say that this does NOT mean you are less talented than others and you are not alone because I was once in your shoes.

When I started Sera Lo Design in 2017, I spent countless hours researching what services I should be offering to stand out from my competitors, how much should I price my packages and how to grow my online business, etc.

Not knowing that people actually don’t buy what I do but why I do what I do.

Until mid-2018, I finally unlocked the missing piece and the results? OFF THE ROOF!


I not only attracted my ideal clients and turned them into paying clients. I also have grown my business income to $10,000 months and become fully booked out = consistent income!

And recently? Had the opportunity to be interviewed by one of the top women leading companies in Australia, Future Women.

Thinking back, I wished I had someone to help me uncover those roadblocks and put me on the right track so I can achieve the goals I truly desire as quickly as possible.

Aida’s Experience

"Just after two sessions with Sera, my idea of brand strategy is very clear for the first time ever! Before working with Sera, I tried searching for free content but it was hard to find something useful which only made me frustrated, until I began working with Sera. I love how positive and determined she is to help other people. Sera approaches everything with a smile and made me believe that it is easy and doable!”

Aida Mrđanović, Graphic Designer

Here are some of the topics we can cover together + any other burning Qs you have

➞ How to find or narrow down my niche?

➞ How do I speak to and connect with my ideal clients?

➞ How to attract my ideal clients and turn them into paying clients?

➞ When is the right time to rebrand my online business?

➞ How can I present yourself online authentically that feels and sounds like me?

➞ How to develop my authentic brand voice and tone?

➞ How to stand out online from my competitors without being icky?

➞ How to create packages/offerings that sell?

➞ How can I grow my business income consistently?

Brand Purpose + Strategy Session

What You Get

A 1:1 90-minute strategy coaching call via Zoom

A Personalized in-depth strategy game-plan with easy to follow action steps to help you move forward that will genuinely see you through for the next 3 months+

A full recording of our call for you to re-watch and for your own keeps

My recommended resources specific to your needs that will best support where you are now so you can stop getting information overload

+ BONUS: UNLIMITED 1:1 voice messaging support for 14 days via WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger as you work through the action steps and ask me any questions you have! [Value $100 USD]

+ BONUS: EXCLUSIVE access to 1 x 90-minute monthly mastermind call with my other private clients to learn, connect and grow together which you’re more than welcome to partake [Value $350 USD]

+ BONUS: ACCESS to Attract Your Ideal Clients Masterclass Replay which includes x4 recorded training + x1 Q&A recorded session [Vaue $44 USD]


The total investment for Brand Purpose + Strategy Session is $333 USD.