How To Narrow Down Your Niche In 5 Easy Steps

The word niche is a word that a lot of business owners know what it means, but are afraid of narrowing down their own niche and being specific of what they offer in their services.


I get it, I felt the same way 1 year ago in my business. It is really scary and I can see the reason why. There is this huge misconception that if you are going to be narrowing down your niche that you are going to be limiting the amazing opportunities that you could achieve in your business such as the projects you might miss out on or the high ticket clients.


When I first started Sera Lo Design in 2017, I had a meeting with a potential client that I was excited about. At the time I was offering branding and web design services. When this potential client asked about my services, we then met up to discuss what he needed creating.


He was very confused about what he wanted, he would ask about design for t-shirts and the website design, and in my head, I was thinking that this project was going to be huge.


But this is where it went downhill.


I wasn’t being specific, during the meeting I told him I could do everything for him. At the end of the day, he came to me for 1 specific need, but because of his own character he was distracted about everything he needed, and I mirrored that.


I guess at the end of the day, he felt very overwhelmed, he didn’t have a clear understanding of how I could help his business.


But this was such a huge lesson for me, for several reasons, I became more conscious about narrowing down my niche.


Let me tell you, that this is a game-changing process. Let’s say for instance you want to see a skin specialist, you wouldn’t go to a general clinic, you’d go to the hospital and book an appointment. Here’s the thing, usually the people who are in a specialized area charge much higher for premium prices, supposed to a consultation in a general clinic.


I understand where you are coming from.


The truth is you would not lose out on the amazing opportunities and you will gain all these amazing projects that you will enjoy working with and all the dream clients that can’t wait to be working with you.


So how do we go down into narrowing your niche?



Step 1 | Re-Visit Your Passion

Let’s say you already have an online business, and as an example, you are a freelance writer. Look at the past projects you’ve worked on and the previous clients you have worked with. Which projects and past clients have you enjoyed working with the most?


Split a page into 2 columns, the left column put down the client/project you didn’t enjoy working on and the right column is going to be the exact opposite, the projects you enjoyed working on.


So once you’ve created these 2 columns, look back at your sales history and let’s just say you have previously worked on a project that you have to write social media captions.


List out what industry the client is in and what the job scope was for this project, and write why you didn’t enjoy working on this project – was it because they were unorganized? Or the job wasn’t something you enjoyed or expected it would be?


And then do the same for the right-hand side, the projects and clients you really enjoyed the most.


Now you have written down all these projects, look at the patterns and similar situations. You will be more conscious of evaluating what you really really like and what you don’t.


This is something I do for myself when I feel unaligned and every quarter to ensure everything is aligned and makes sense. Especially when you work alone, you get so caught up in and on your business that you forget to check in on the things that can potentially pull you back from succeeding even more.


So the first step is to revisit your passions so you know what ignites a good feeling, a project that you can’t wait to start and clients that make you want to jump out of bed in the morning and do the things that you love and doesn’t feel like a job.


This sounds cliche but you know it’s true.



Step 2 | Identify The Main Problem

Take a step back and look into your current business.


What do you do for people (or what do you want to do for people) – what are they struggling with?


So let’s use that same example of a freelance writer. The main problem is your clients are struggling with writing, that’s why they need to hire you as a freelance writer.


And do the same with your own business, look at what your business solves as the main problem or what problem your dream clients are having that you could solve.


Step 3 | Breakdown All The Smaller Sub-Problems

You then take that core problem and break it down into smaller problems. At this step don’t restrict anything, there isn’t a specific number of problems you should list down.


Literally, braindump everything, list down all the small problems that your clients struggle with – based on the main problem. These smaller problems could be:

  1. They have a lack of time to write
  2. They don’t enjoy writing content they prefer creating visual content
  3. They’re focusing on working with their clients rather than creating content


Step 4 | Finalize 3 Core Sub-Problems

Once you’ve listed everything out, are there any similar sub-problems that you could group together? And once you have your grouped sub-problems, you can finalize your 3 core sub-problems.


Putting It Together  

The last step is putting all of this together. Based on your 3 core sub-problems alongside the projects you are passionate about (step 1), you want to look and see if they are aligned together.


An example could be that one of your past projects is writing blog posts for female entrepreneurs in the creative industry. You then look at your 3 core sub-problems, an example is that they aren’t that good at writing (talking about myself here, that’s why I hire Lily my VA, this is why I’m better at talking than writing).


So if you are a freelance writer you can look at all of this and realize that your passion is working with female entrepreneurs and writing blog posts for the creative industry, and there you have it!


You have narrowed down your niche. It’ll now become a lot clearer for your audience as they’ll know you are specialized in this area.




At the end of the day, your niche is going to be always a work-in-progress.


Think of it as a human. We are always evolving and growing, and it’s because of the experiences we have and it makes us who we are today. Who we are one year ago is going to be different from who we are today, and it is the same with your passion especially if you are an entrepreneur it is really important.


I’ve mentioned this a lot of times on my blog, out of all the businesses you can start online, why are you choosing this specific business? It’s because of your interest and your passion.


Yes, making money is one of the standard things that everybody wants, everybody wants to grow their income, but at the end of the day, if you aren’t happy with what you’re doing then it’ll slowly sabotage your business and inner happiness.


I am curious to know, what are your limiting beliefs around narrowing down your niche?



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How To Narrow Down Your Niche In 5 Easy Steps