The Best Solution Ever for Creating Content Online Easily

The Best Solution Ever for Creating Content Online Easily

Have you been spending a lot of your time researching on Google or Pinterest on how to create  content that will catch your audience’s attention? Let me know if this sounds familiar to you:

“I have run out of ideas on what content to create”

“I feel stuck with ideas and being consistent”


If you are running an online business, I hope you already have these 2 things in place before you create content:


  • Who even are you


Who do you want to become and what do you want to be known for? I want you to ask yourself this question. Do you want to be the best photography in your city, then what do you need to do to showcase this, what content will emphasize that you are the best.


  • Your niche

If you haven’t figured this out then I recommend going away, reading my blog posts and brainstorming who your niche is so you know who you are speaking to when you create content.


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When you know who you are and what your niche is then this solution will be life changing. I was once in this position where I had no idea what content to create, and I wanted to make content that was valuable and help my business grow.


Every platform you create content for should have an objective, a reason why you are posting on there. Whether that be to build your following or to attract your niche to your latest course, having an objective will help with clarity.


The best solution for content creation: Research

The best solution when it comes to creating content online is to research.


I know this might sound boring, but if you were to take 1-3 hours a week, when you research consistently the results you will see from the content you create will be mind blowing.


The way that I like to research is first by looking at who I am, what is my niche, what areas in my business I want to focus on and the problems my ideal clients struggle with so that I can attract my ideal clients.


A lot of the times when people start creating their packages and in fact their business, they don’t validate, don’t research. Instead, they spend all of their time creating all of this amazing content, but there is no demand.


You know when you launch a course, program, ebook and all you hear is crickets.


When you take the time to research and understand what your ideal clients are struggling with then you will hit the jackpot.


Assumption is one part of this solution, but you need to be active when it comes to research, speak to your ideal clients and reach out to them and ask them what they’re struggling with.


When I actively research it changes everything.


Before I launched my course, Born To Attract, I spoke with so many online entrepreneurs who are my ideal clients and understand what they are struggling with, what challenges do they face. The responses they gave me was extremely valuable as I hadn’t heard about some of these challenges before, and so it was very insightful.


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How to understand your ideal clients voice

From asking your ideal clients about their challenges and struggles their response will show off how they explain and talk about it. You’ll understand the words they use and their tone.


When you unlock this your business will benefit greatly. Whenever you create content (social media, website copy, podcast episode) you know the things your ideal clients struggle with.


When you realize this content you are now able to attract more of your ideal clients. When they are consuming this content they will be able to connect and resonate with what you are saying and feel like you have read their minds.


This is a simple strategy to understand your ideal clients struggles and what voice they resonate with.  


However if you are reading this post and feel like this strategy would be perfect but you are just starting your online business, I would recommend you to find a Facebook group filled with your ideal clients and conduct some market research. Ask questions, run a poll with various struggles as the options, and even suggest hoping on a 1-1 call to discuss this research further.


You could also reach out to people you already know, your friends and family, and ask if they know anyone in your ideal clients field and industry and you never know they might know your dream clients and it’s a great way starting out.



The best solution I can give to you to create content easily is to do your research. If you have been running your online business for some time as you an advantage as you would have built a following that you can reach out to and ask questions.


When you know their problems and struggles they face along with the words and language they use then you have a lot of ideas you can come up with when it comes to creating content online.


You’ll realize after using this method, if you’re doing your research consistently is that people will come across your Instagram, Podcast, Blog and will look at it as a hub of useful information that reads their mind.


When they realize this and feel like you know their struggles and speak their language they are going to connect and follow you. And overtime their trust will grow and what happens next is when you launch a new product/service or even better they reach out to you they will feel more warmed to becoming a paying client.



Let’s keep the conversation going.


What are some of the solutions you have when creating content online easily?


Leave them down in the comments below.



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The Best Solution Ever for Creating Content Online Easily